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DLD Test 18

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Feb 01/02

Stefan Sagmeister

Sagmeister & Walsh

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Serpentine Gallery

Stewart Brand

The Long Now...

Julia Peyton-Jones

Serpentine Gallery

Meir Brand


Ivan Brockman

Blackstone Advisory Partners...

James Finn

Sansa Security
Munich New York Brussels Berlin Tel Aviv


DLD conferences are by-invitation-only. If you’d like to attend, please submit an application. The regular price of the ticket depends on each conference.

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The Outlook

Karsten Lemm

Our weekly roundup of what’s new and noteworthy in the world of digital, life, design Solar geoengineering could be “remarkably inexpensive” Spreading particles in stratosphere to fight climate ...

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DLD speaker Rick Smolan and his brother Sandy publish their new film online

DLD Team
The Human Face of Big Data

THE HUMAN FACE OF BIG DATA examines the promises and perils of an unstoppable force that many believe will have a thousand times greater impact on humanity and civilization than the internet ...

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RoundGlass is a unique venture firm that provides more than financial capital. Strategic expertise in the digital healthcare and wellness sectors is our hallmark. Our strong team includes the skill sets needed to conceptualize, build, market and grow your business. RoundGlass was established to catalyze positive change in digital health and wellness. The team’s broad skill set spans business leadership, investment and deep healthcare domain expertise. Through our combined experience, we ... More »
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