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Ashoka Adds New Fellows!

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The ever-growing Ashoka Fellowship has expanded one again by adding 6 new fellows at a ceremony on November 6th, 2012. 6 social entrepreneurs strive to better the lives of their communities both locally and globally through their work. Their recognition as an Ashoka fellow brings these individuals lifelong support on behalf of their projects and commitments to impact society and hopefully solve a myriad of social problems.

Though anybody can instantaneously conjure up a plethora of equally disturbing social issues, less than a desirable amount make a positive change and work towards a solution. Every aspect in our life can be turned around to support and ensure a prosperous future. Starting right with our own bodies, MFM Project leader Elisabeth, Raith-Paula, teaches young people to respect their bodies and properly care for themselves responsibly in collaboration with teens and their parents. Our health is the most valuable thing we posses and should therefore be guarded and understood, Anja Kerstin runs “Was hab ich?”, an online translation platform for medical findings as a basis for comprehensive doctor-physician communication. On a global basis, Thorsten Kiefer aims to achieve hygiene standards and avoid spreading disease through a collaboration with sports stars and positive communication at WASH United Clubs. Food and nourishment for our bodies is important as well and starts at the root, with the farmers that bring it all together, Christian Vieth brings together various generations of farmers to speak of models to secure an economic future and success of family farms. In-store, “Deutschland Rundet Auf” created by Christian Vater, encourages shoppers to round up the price of their purchase and to donate those few cents, a small and easy way to make a difference. Power is a driving force in the world today and Heinz Frey hopes to enhance villagers’ quality of life through DORV-centers, a chance to use their own power through their village or neighborhood and break through commercial concentration and migration.

DLD is a proud supporting partner of Ashoka and their continuing efforts in social and global advancement!