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Being a woman in Turkey and in the Middle East


While the world celebrates International Women’s day today, I came across the following article by Sedef Kücük which addresses the issues of being a woman in Turkey and the Middle East. As a Turkish member of the DLD team, I feel passionately drawn to the challenges that women of my country and its surroundings face. The article once again reminds us that there is still a lot to be done!

Numbers indicate that Turkey is still in the low-end of the spectrum when it comes to the gender gap. There is lacking transparency in the Justice and Developments Party’s motif to empower women or to keep them in repressed in conservative lifestyle. Violence against women in my country is actually inceasing, in addition, it doesn’t help to know that neighboring countries are facing an Arab Spring which as the article points out: ‘has not brought much sunshine to women.’

As DLDwomen12 speaker Hibaaq Osman very powerfully said: “A revolution that leaves its woman behind, is not a real revolution.” So, the question is whether the situation in Turkey and in the Middle East is actually taking a turn for the worse and what can we do to stop this?

That’s why we need to have more forums, conferences to hear from brave women who try to tackle these issues and try to reverse the situation. Not just in Turkey or the Middle East, but gender equality is a global topic and we still have a long way to go.

DLDwomen13 will take place on the 15/16th of July in Munich and will bring together change-makers to address their concerns and to hopefully move one step closer to the solution.

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