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Despite the Falling Snow

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The rare talent to envision stories in pictures turned Shamim Sarif into an equally successful novelist, screenwriter and film director. That’s because her descriptive power of a storyteller meets a screenwriter’s mastery of dialogue. She’s used to winning awards and still finds the urge to challenge societal perceptions.

“My head is in the clouds with the story,” she said in this interview with Lukas Kubina.

A hypnotic combination of love and tragic loss at the pace of a thriller – Despite the Falling Snow is supposed to take your breath away. Sarif’s second book moves between present day Boston and 1950s snowbound streets of post-Stalinist Moscow. The author’s delicate writing makes this novel outstanding, once again. Its film production is on the way, promising artistry filled with suspense.

“For my producing partner Hanan, it’s about new forms of distribution,” she smiled. Sarif persuaded her partner of 16 years, Hanan Kattan, to produce the films to her stories while setting up their own company, Enlightenment Productions. “If you tell her it’s impossible she instantly wants to do it,” she said about Kattan. “She's just a powerhouse.”

Being a gay, British-born Indian Muslim has far from hindered her career, she told the Guardian – if anything her race and sexuality equipped her with the drive and conviction needed to succeed the industry. She intends to break down as many prejudices as possible, she said.

At next week’s DLDwomen she will see the boundaries between science, art and technology vanish once again. This is what she enjoys, she told Kubina. About the conference network, she said she likes that "you’re not told what to think."

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