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Disruptive Retail – The Future of Shopping

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Yesterday, a retailer has welcomed his clients by name at his corner shop.

Today, a retailer faces clients who are skipping the stores and pulling out their smartphones and tablets. He does not know their name, their expectation or interest in his goods.

Tomorrow, it is all about the shopping experience of the client and a customer-controlled checkout, easily by mobile phone-without using a cash terminal.

Retailers are trying to cope with the challenge of the new type of client who conducts life digitally. How to get him in his shop in a time where a mobile society uses the smartphone as the remote control of their daily life? What are the challenges for retailers?

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This design-thinking workshop was about creating the New Way of Shopping with a Wirecard team headed by Susanne Steidl together with Sreelekha Sankar and Darcy Sunniva. An insight in innovative mobile solutions based on smart technologies enables to design use-cases to enhance shopping experience. There are some important tools to analyze consumers’ needs as well as to attract new and existing clients with valuable loyalty and couponing offers.

A real-life experience of the new way of shopping at DLD Woman: Wirecards’ Check-in-Bar is a tasty use-case about how laid-back a BLE-based payment process can be. Why Interceptors and Hoverpads have nothing to do with hover cleaning?

This workshop was part of the DLDw14 learning conference and took place on July 22nd at 14.45pm. Do not hesitate to contact us if you had any questions here.

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