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The cover of David Agus’ book “The End of Illness” is a visualization of all proteins in one drop of blood. The image highlights the essence of Agus’ art of medicine – first we need to know what we are made of,then we need to know ourselves and we always need the data to verify what is good for us.

David Agus warned the DLD audience that some of his statements may offend, because his approach is radical, and it goes against the grain of traditional western medicine. As a professor of medicine and engineering and a leading cancer physician, he says that the focus of his profession needs to shift from understanding to controlling diseases. His suggestions in the book are like algorithms for a life style, because he gives advice on how to prevent and postpone illness rather than cure it. David Agus wants people to die of old age rather than cancer or Alzheimer’s, and the only way we can do that, he thinks, is by living healthy lives for our individual and often complex bodies. ChristaundDavid

David Agus with Christa Maar from the Felix-Burda-Stiftung

During the Q.+A. session Agus also spoke about that in Asia his book was received with more appreciation, as a holistic approach to medicine is normal. DLD13 speaker Dr. Till Roenneberg supported David Agus’ argument of how important it is to collect data about our wellbeing, it generates an awareness of what is good for us as individuals. The fact that technologies will aid scientists and doctors to help people live healthier lives, is of great importance to Agus - who declares himself as an optimist with regards to the medical profession.

Steffi, David, UschiJPGSteffi Czerny with David Agus and actress Uschi Glas

The mixed audience of scientists, health experts and media representatives were taken in by the professor’s ideas, and the crossover conversations continued over lunch, at the DLD headquarters in Munich.

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