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Gamification Workshop - The Game Beyond the Game

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Gamification has become a significant trend in recent years. The realization that game mechanics and game design techniques can be applied to non-gaming context in everyday life and the corporate world, has revolutionized social sciences.

Gabe McIntyre has been teaching ‘Interactive Performance Design and Games’ at the College of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands for almost a decade. He has worked on video games for clients such as Sony, Davilex, T-Mobile and Microsoft.

His interactive workshop at the DLDwomen Conference 2014 is built for everyone who wants to learn the basics of Game Design and Gamification in order to apply these skills to education, crowd sourcing research or increased engagement in marketing.

Join other “Players” in a dynamic setting and unlock your creativity and be game maker by playing the Game Beyond.

This workshop is part of the DLDw14 learning conference and will take place on July 22nd at 13.15pm. Do not hesitate to contact me if you had any questions and apply to attend DLDwomen 2014 here.

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