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Play, Passion and Purpose - is education 2.0

Unleash creativity

Thomas L. Friedman interviewed Tony Wagner, the Harvard education specialist for the New York Times, and found that in future: "if you need a job, invent it."

The interview highlights why the education system needs to focus on getting students "innovation-ready" rather than full of knowledge. Information technologies make facts easily and all-time accessible, which renders accumulated knowledge less valuable but the skill to innovate all the more precious.

“Every young person will continue to need basic knowledge, of course,” Wagner said. “But they will need skills and motivation even more. Of these three education goals, motivation is the most critical." And according to Wagner the key ingredients a teacher needs to induce motivation in students are: play, passion and purpose.

Tony Wagner is the author of the book: “Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World”