Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Prepare for the future!

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Don't miss this unique opportunity to be ahead of current developments in a world where digitalization drives change quicker than we can comprehend.

Learn for your business and yourself by diving into insightful and sustainable workshops with top speakers from our excellent DLD network.

Here' some of what you can expect:
• Discover the full potential of social media and its persuasive power with PR strategist Susan McPherson.
• Unlock your creativity and get inspired to reorganize your company or to create new products through the power of game theory with The Game Beyond founder Gabriel McIntyre.
• Find new ways to a healthier life within your daily routine with best-selling authors, physicians, prevention and ePatient consultants, trend researchers and developers.
• Take a course in 21st century literacy and learn how to code.
...and much more to come!

Get ready and be blown away by inspirational speeches and take part in interactive discussions with DAX company board members, entrepreneurs, scientists, strategists, artists and creative thinkers from all around the world and from various industries. Topics include future of work, entrepreneurship & innovation, retail & e-commerce, wearables, internet of things and more.

Take a peek at the first set of speakers.

We are looking forward to two days of hands-on learning, deep dives into the age of digitalization and lively discussions at DLDwomen.