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Travel a GIANT human brain on the Internet.


Helen Fisher and Lucy Brown launched a Kickstarter campaign to realise a Virtual Giant Walk-through Brain. "Visitors" will be able to chose an avatar, meet the anthropologist and her brain scanning partner Lucy Brown in a huge atrium at the base of a human brain, and travel the virtual highways of the mind.

"You will be able to linger in the brain factory that pumps out dopamine, the neurochemical that gives you the “rush” of intense romantic love, or lounge in the hippocampus café where love memories reside, or take a boat across nerve synapses as impulses whiz by from one neuron to the next. Today everyone seems to be playing on the Internet; so why not hang out in a giant human brain—and learn vital things about health, love and happiness," Helen wrote us in an e-mail.

Basically you can travel a GIANT human brain on the Internet. Take a bike tour of ROMANTIC ATTRACTION and love circuits...and learn how the brain works! Isn't this awesome!

Or, how Helen puts in in their motto: "Know thy brain. Know thy self. Know thy partner …and help people worldwide to learn the brain science of love, health and happiness."

You can read more about and support the project here. If they can raise the money, the virtual brain will be designed with modern computer graphics by Company 3 Design.

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