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Workshop Review Series: How to Stay Healthy: New Ways in Prevention


Everything which goes on in our body is determined by exercise.

Unfortunately it´s common to avoid physical activity as well as in any way possible. The easiest strategy to stay healthy is to combine daily routines with exercises, for example 10 stretches when the phone rings or 10 minutes jogging before going to work. It doesn´t always have to be a long time workout, just frequently. If this fitness plan once become routine it´s not an overcoming anymore.

Having a healthy body has not only an aesthetic advantage but also a healthy one. The higher the weight the higher is the risk of getting breast cancer. There´s a linear correlation between weight and getting breast cancer for women after the menopause. Research results prove that a diet change can prohibit the risk for breast cancer: after 5 years with a healthy diet 47% less research participants were diseased. The way isn´t that hard, reduce calories and include healthy food like the Mediterranean diet proposes.


Picture: DominikGigler

Furthermore, another disease increased dramatically till today: diabetes. In 1960 in Germany there was almost no diabetes, nowadays the luxury lifestyle harms the body. 3 rules of the thumb to lower the risks: be 3-4 hours active (exercise) per week, use the steps, have a BMI lower than 30. By the age of 50, 50% of the population has hypertension, so it´s including advisable to reduce alcohol and smoking.

It is a pity for medicines that digitalization and big data sharing is restricted in the medical system. No doubts that it would be easier if medicines would have access to all the data of their patients. Probably there´s going to be a change in the future and the fear of patients about their data will disappear. They are anyway sharing so much private information: “If you want to know anything about your patient just look him/her up in facebook.”

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