A Drop in the Amazon

Drop in amazon

A look behind the scenes.

Our behavioral patterns in storing and accessing our information is reaching new levels with cloud based devices like Dropbox and providers like Amazon. The simplicity of customer driven product design comes together with complex operating systems.

A talk between Dropbox' Vice President of Operations, Ruchi Sanghvi and amazon.com's VP & CTO Werner Vogels - very funny and informative, and both speakers played ping-pong with words.

"Wow, everyone uses Dropbox..." - "Yeah, I bet they're all Amazon customers too..."

Dropbox is a fast growing company Ruchi joined by acquisition of Cove, a company she founded in 2011. Prior to that she was the first female engineer at Facebook. Dropbox has now over 100 Mio users and it's a plattform that connects different devices all over the world. Werner Vogels called the employees of Dropbox the "tough MIT-crowd" working on cool new stuff. While more and more usage is collaborate usage a team solution will be a next step. Dropbox analyzed the data and because of the simple usage, it just works, Dropbox is not only for sharing memories, it increases the productivity of workplaces. A higher efficiency occurs. And even universities and design agencies are working with dropbox for simple and smarter collaboration.

Amazon is more than the internet book store. Amazon offers a huge variety of tools for small and big business, cloud solutions, tools, Software as a Service. Over all a bundle of 47 services. For example the Mars curiosity rover streamed directly to amazon's servers using Amazon Web Services and all of the results are searchable and can be used by all. There are a lot of more examples for Cloud Computing with Amazon, including Dropbox.

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Werner Vogels
Chief Technology Officer
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Ruchi Sanghvi
VP of Operations
San Francisco

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