Biosynthetic Architecture

A scientist with an eco-topian vision. Mitchell Joachim and Terreform One grow urban environments out of plants. Futuristic looking buildings and vehicles that one day will decompose. The enthusiastic man with long dread locks is envisioning a greener future, where urbanites are connected to nature. The New York based charity is a real grass roots organisation. "If you can wait for 12 years to drink a good scotch, you can wait 12 years to grow a village that could house many families", says Joachim. Architects and biologists working side by side means that they can find out how to produce green material to build usable objects. It's an interdisciplinary project with an educational aim too. Joachim shared stunning images of truly organic things that have an every day function, like chairs and cars, just that they're made of fibre and mushrooms!

DLD13 conference Munich - "patterns that connect" - Germany January 20-22, 2013

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Mitchell Joachim
Terreform ONE
Terreform ONE
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