Focus Digital Star Award Ceremony

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"When I was a young boy I wanted to win the Nobel Prize, so I thought if I change how the system works, I will win the Nobel Prize." says Digital Star Award Winner Ijad Madisch the founder of Research Gate. The award is presented to him by Britta Weddeling from Focus and Jörg Quoos who asks Ijad when he expects the Nobel Prize to which Ijad says: "In the end it is more important to connect the scientists around the world".

Claudia Nemat from Telekom agrees and says about the award winner that Research Gate "is a completely new platform for scientists to share their ideas around the world. I believe it will revolutionise colaboration among scientists and hopefully then innovation for mankind."

Besides Research Gate an award for digital perspective was given to Richard Kögel and YouPickIt, a customer focused platform to compare local prices.

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