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How secure is my data in the Cloud?

That's the main question Carson Sweet must face on the panel on cyber security. As co-founder and CEO of CloudPassage, Carson Sweet knows about the biggest problem consumers have with the cloud. "Cloud users are not sure what they have control over and how to secure their data” Therefore companies like CloudPassage are founded. To solve the problem and take consumers fears away.

CloudPassage technology is built from the ground up to provide elastic security and it's specifically designed to provide server vulnerability and firewall protection in highly virtualized, dynamic elastic cloud computing environments. Once security is set up on one server, all copies of that server created later will automatically adopt those security controls. CloudPassage customers benefit from automated security controls, but Sweet contends that in order to be secure, customers must do their research before handing their data to a cloud vendor. "You wouldn't give your money to a bank that always has open windows," Sweet says.

What must be done? - Customers of cloud vendors must know what their security responsibilities are and make decisions accordingly. - If corporations choose to use cloud resources, they must make the cloud based solutions a part of their operating model, with the same security and transparency expected of traditional IT.

DLD13 conference Munich - "patterns that connect" - Germany January 20-22, 2013

Carson Sweet in conversation with Andrew Keen

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