Wrap Up: DLD13 in 30 Seconds

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"One virtue to change the world is courage. Everything else comes with it," said Henry Blodget, CEO, Co-Founder and Editor-In Chief of Business Insider. If you are into business news, and who is not, then your digital daily bites should include his website.

Stay foolish, Steve Jobs used to say. Translated into DLD13 language, this means "spot an opportunity and go after it." You can turn a tremendous tragedy into an opportunity, Henry Blodget said with a swing in his voice.

Dean Ornish, Founder and President of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute, confirmed that a heart attack can be the best thing that ever happened to someone because it can spark a health-conscious lifestyle. Or the most remarkable story of Hugh Herr, a biophysicist and extreme mountaineer who has developed high-tech prostheses which precisely imitate the range of functions of human legs because he had lost his own legs.

When technology and design make a connection to the human body, like in case of the dancing robot with cool glasses, then it has an effect. Then we can relate, said Henry Blodget. That's also the way we have to think about issues like climate change and global poverty. Connect the dots, cooperate across borders and categories to have an impact. Business, science and technology have to come together, like here at DLD13.

The inflatable, water resistant, bright LED solar lantern Luci is just the beginning, said Henry Blodget. A start of a new business mission to make the world a better place, as corny this might sound.

For now, the world has remained imbalanced. Whereas companies have the highest profits in history, we at the same time have the lowest wages. We have to leave Gordon Gekko of the 1980s behind, that greedy Wall Street villain who became a hero.

Companies should not only serve their shareholders and employees but also society. It's a new message, said Henry Blodget: "Value is good!" Create it, combine your forces. That's the mission, and that's DLD13.

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Hugh Herr
MIT Media Lab
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MIT Media Lab
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Henry Blodget
Business Insider
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Business Insider
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Dean Ornish
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Preventive Medicine Research Institute
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