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Brian Khek
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Brian Khek

Company: Artist
Title: Artist
Location: Chicago, United States
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Brian Khek (b. 1989 Chicago, IL, USA) is a transdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Chicago. He received a BFA with an Emphasis on Art History, Theory, and Criticism from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Exploiting material hierarchies, he magnifies our different psychological relationships with globalized phenomena catalyzed by the Internet. Khek has shown at Courtney Blades (Chicago, IL, USA), University of Cincinnati's DAAP Galleries (Cincinnati, OH, USA), Gallery Steinsland Berliner (Stockholm, SE), LVS Gallery (Seoul, KR), and 12 Mail (Paris, FR). His work has been featured on platforms such as Vice Magazine, and Rhizome. He is also a member of No New Info. http://briankhek.com/ "I’m a participant in a network of artists who are exposing their roles as consumers, globalised users and producers living in a transitional time when the distinction between individual and collective becomes both blurred and more significant."