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Gabriel McIntyre
The Game Beyond
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Gabriel McIntyre

Company: The Game Beyond
Title: Teacher
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Education
Twitter: gabemac

Gabriel McIntyre 'Gabe Mac' has been teaching Interactive Performance, New Media and Game Design for over a decade at the College of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the game industry, he has worked on games for clients such as Guerrilla Games, Davilex, T-Mobile and Microsoft. The campaigns he worked on while Head of Innovation at Indie Amsterdam, have won a number of digital and advertising awards. He is known in Europe for being a Viral Video and New Media Dude with early Video Blog projects of Xolo.tv and Mobuzz.tv. Gabriel has given keynotes at conferences all around the world in innovation, marketing, digital trends and gamification. DLD (Munich), SIME (Vienna), Picnic (Amsterdam), Le Web (Paris), DMEXCO (Berlin), Webcom (Montreal), La Red Innova (Madrid), and The Monaco Media Forum (Monaco) are a few of the events which he has spoken. He has been interviewed about new media trends for articles in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BBC and The Telegraaf. Currently he travels around with Little Lebowski teaching organizations, governments, students and artists; how to change the world with games.