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Niko Karamyan
Self Employed
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Niko Karamyan

Company: Self Employed
Title: Artist
Location: Los Angeles, United States
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: Nikotheikon

Known to many as Niko the Ikon, twenty-one year-old artist Niko Karamyan stays true to the anagram that is his name via the careful study of human behavior that constitutes his multimedia-media work. An observant eye with particular interest in identities that evoke the intersection of the base and grandiose, Niko combines his abilities as a conceptual self-portrait artist, video director, and photographer to produce the likeness of the distinctive characters he finds personally compelling. Niko’s portraits of humanity offer viewers undiluted, visceral glimpses into the hyper-sexual, consumer-driven, and ego-centric society of the then and now. He has recently produced music videos for the bands Chester French and Io Echo, Art-Directed his first feature length film, as well as a photo narrative for DIS Magazine, while continuing his on-going series of personal portraits. Born in Hollywood, CA, Niko still lives and works in Los Angeles.