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Patric Heizmann
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Patric Heizmann

Company: youfit
Title: Fitness Trainer & Sport Manager
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Fields of operation: Life & Health

Born in 1974, Patric Heizmann spent his childhood in the small village of Kirchzarten, a suburb of Freiburg. Being a little chubby as a teenager, young Patric decided to change something in his life. From that point on good nutrition, exercise and fitness took center stage. After having completed a commercial training program he included his hobby in his professional life: Through correspondence courses he acquired qualifications as fitness trainer and sport manager. During his first talks about balanced diets he soon realized, that his audience simply could’nt understand him due to unknown terminology. From this moment on he knew he had to reach his listeners otherwise. ‘Carbs burn like paper, fat smolders like briquettes and protein functions as bricks, on which a functioning city – our body – is based upon.’ Figurative and understandable language combinated with a humorous and everyday-like packaging to convey scientific facts are the trademarks of Patric’s programs. Since 2009 he is represented in different types of multimedia. He is a bestselling author of nutrition guides and cookbooks, comedic entertainer on stage, keynote speaker and health motivator at corporate events and gala nights, as well as TV expert for nutrition and sports. His provocant and inspiring theses are always the main focus. The reactions of his steadily growing audiences show, that Patric really has his finger on the pulse of the times.