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Viviane Reding
European Parliament
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Viviane Reding

Company: European Parliament
Title: Member of the European Parliament Head of the Luxemburgish Christian Democrats Delegation
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Fields of operation: Politics

Viviane is one of the most prominent personalities of Europe, completing 3 terms as member of the European Government, currently Head of the Luxemburgish Christian Democrats delegation within the European Parliament dealing with International Trade. In 1999, having served 10 years in the Luxembourg Parliament and 10 years in the European Parliament, she became European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport and pushed through the "Erasmus World" programme and strengthened the MEDIA programme. In 2004, she became EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media, winning a major battle against telecom companies by capping mobile roaming charges by 70%. In 2010, she became first Vice-President responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship. She put in place a truly EU Justice policy, launching a series of ground-breaking proposals in the field of civil, commercial, consumer and criminal law, creating thus the basis for a European area of justice. She initiated the chapter "Justice for growth" which includes proposals in the field of consumer rights, cross border recovery of debts, women on boards, and the reform of the EU data protection rules.