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Zika Abzuk
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Zika Abzuk

Company: Cisco
Title: Senior Manager, Corporate Affairs
Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Zika is currently leading Cisco's Corporate Responsibility for Israel, Palestine & Sub-Saharan Africa. Her most exciting recent projects include the management of a $10M investment commitment in 5 African countries, and a $10M investment commitment in the Palestinian Territories. Zika initiated the Cisco Networking Academy Program in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Initiated and managed the MYTecC program and the Neta program and other projects in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Zika Abzuk has adapted and implemented the Networking Academy Program in diverse communities, while emphasizing collaboration, building leadership, and increasing economic opportunities. Prior to managing the Networking Academy Program, Zika worked as an R&D manager in Cisco Systems Israel. Zika has worked in various software engineering positions in Israel and the US.